Track your expenses in Telegram

Telegram bot @cointrybot is the easiest way to record your expenses on the go. No more extra apps on your phone. All you need is Telegram.
Total transactions
Total expenses recorded
Currencies used

Choose categories only once

Bot remembers which category the record with such a description belongs to and next time will assign the category automatically.

20 McDonald's

Alex spent 20 USD on πŸ” Outside food

Record income

Simply add leading plus Β«+Β» to the amount, and it will be saved as income.

+200 Flyer design for Sarah

Alex earned 200 USD on πŸ’» Freelance

Add amounts in any currency

Cointry properly converts your income and spendings from any currency to your main currency in the reports.

1099 CAD iPhone

Alex spent 1099 CAD (872 USD) on ⌚️ Gadgets

Record expenses retroactively

Add Β«yesterdayΒ» to your command to record the transaction for yesterday. Or use the following formats: 1.12.20 or 2020-12-01.

56 book yesterday

Alex spent 56 USD on something else
24 September 2023, Sunday

Keep your family budget

Create a group chat and add @cointrybot to keep your budget together with your family. The number of participants is unlimited.

48 sandals

Julia spent 48 USD on πŸ‘  Clothes and shoes

499 PS5

Alex spent 499 USD on ⌚️ Gadgets

Get statistics by categories

Send a /stats command to the bot and get detailed statistics for the month.


Statistics for the current month (January) in USD

βž– Expenses

1,400 (32%) β€” 🏠 Housing and utilities
1,200 (28%) β€” πŸ₯¬ Groceries
900 (21%) β€” πŸ” Outside food
320 (7%) β€” πŸ‘  Clothes and shoes
290 (7%) β€” πŸͺœ Household
250 (6%) β€” πŸš‡ Commuting

πŸ‘€ Julia β€” 2,450 (56%)
πŸ‘€ Alex β€” 1,910 (44%)


5,000 (91%) β€” πŸ’³ Salary
500 (9%) β€” πŸ’° Bonus

πŸ‘€ Julia β€” 3,500 (64%)
πŸ‘€ Alex β€” 2,000 (36%)

Total expenses: 4,360 USD
Total income: 5,500 USD
Total: 1,140 USD

Get monthly reports

Every month Cointry sends a report about your last months spendings.

πŸ“… Monthly report (December)

πŸ‘ In the last month you spent 3,600 USD, which is 300 USD (8%) less than in the previous.

πŸ‘ And got 5,000 USD, which is 200 USD (4%) more than in the previous month.

πŸ‘ Total saldo is +1,400 USD.

On average, you spent 120 USD a day.

On average, you earned 161 USD a day.



  • Unlimited records
  • Unlimited categories
  • Statistics
  • Monthly reports
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  • Unlimited records
  • Unlimited categories
  • Statistics
  • Monthly reports
  • Multicurrency
  • Arbitrary transaction dates
  • CSV/Excel export
  • Recurring transactions πŸ”œ

$2 /month

$20 /year

To get premium subscription send the /subscription command to the bot.

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